Welcome to geeXP

geeXP is a new approach to managing your projects and tasks, in a fun way, that rewards you for making progress on your own projects.

Think of it like a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG, where you choose from classes like Java Wizard and Ruby Rogue, and gain levels and xp for every step you take toward completing your own projects. Be extra productive and you might find hidden treasures and win prizes.

You can even form a group with your team, and work together to complete your quests (projects). How’s that for team motivation?

What about buzzwords? you gotta support those...

Well, how about: Web 2.0, AJAX, RSS, GTD, FrameWorks, community, open-source and enough passion to make Kathy Sierra squeal with glee (if you don’t know who she is… that came out totally wrong).

Join the fun

We currently have a team of highly trained primates (ok, just one... but he’s damn good!) working on geeXP, and are looking for a few eager geeks for a closed alpha test.

If you are interested in receiving an invite to our closed test, and help provide feedback to shape geeXP’s future, please enter your email address below. We’ll let you know as soon as there’s something fun to play with.

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geeXP screenshots

send your questions, suggestions or fanmail to: [email protected]